Chocolate Cake, Brown Sugar, and WICKED

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A wonderful Sunday morning if any.
I'm still dead tired from the lock-in on Friday, although it was quite the night.

Happy Mothers Day to all you moms out there.
I woke up to the wonderful aroma of chocolate cake and strawberries, thank you mom for that all too great breakfast.

Plus, it was complete with reading more of "WICKED: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West."

I think the book is far more better than the musical for all those fans out there. If by any chance it gets re-made into a move I think the book would have a better plot, even if the movie would be borderline rated PG-13.

I love the musical, don't get me wrong...but the book has a better plot development, and it's a lot more political. I love how Elphaba views the Wizard like a totalitarian state leader, (Thank you Mrs. Swift, this is what I get for having to read 1984 in class.) and most of his workings around Oz as propaganda.

I think Galinda's character could have been a little more developed, but she provided comic relief none the less. The other characters introduced, including Elphaba and Fieyro's son, Lirr was one of the best conflicts in the book.

Plus, Elphaba's crude humor and sarcastic comments were delightful. She reminds me so much of the sarcastic high school students who pop in at any random moment to scare the living wits out of people.

One of my favorite parts of the book, I love Elphaba's commentary during Boq's never-ending quest for Galinda's heart at Shiz University.

"Handsome?" suggested Elphaba. "Dashing?"
"You're fun to look at," decided Galinda. Boq's face fell. "Fun?" he said.
"I'd give a lot to achieve fun," Elphaba said. "The best I usually hope for is stirring, and when people say that they're usually referring to digestion-"
"Well, I might be all or none of the things you say," said Boq staunchly, "but you will learn that I am persistent. I will not let you say no to our friendship Galinda. It means too much to me."
"Behold the male beast roaring in the jungle for his mate," said Elphaba. "See how the female beast giggles behind a shrub while she organizes her face to say, Pardon dear, did you say something?"
"Elphaba!" they both cried at her.

Likewise, it's such a great book. I can't wait to finish it. I've through it first, but made the awful mistake of expecting it to be like the stage production, when in all reality this book is far different and on a way higher level of vocabulary.

I'm loving it though, loving it alot.

What else is there to say about today.
Movie night at youth group today, hoorah! I think we're watching "Monster House" probably one of the greatest scary animated movies of all time.

So I think I'd like some I'm going to waste time making instant ramen noodles.
Or something of the sort.


"Do you think anyone would hide up here?"
"No, it's a stupid place to hide."

-a couple seconds later-

"Oh, you really are hiding here."

Respectfully submitted,


  1. I love the picture of me on there cute lol, check out my blog! I had so much fun at the lock-in, i miss ya guys already...

    and the turlock people were hitting on me, what the crap.

    the leader was humping me, the girls talking to me, and 5 freshman girls were talking to me at the musical. what the heck. Leah, i need you to beat them all down when you are with me. or maybe I'll just carry you around with a little back-pack..

    asian in a bag...

    I like the sound of that....

    -Josh :]

  2. Aw Josh.

    It's going to suck next year without you guys!!
    Gosh, come back and visit often okay?
    Let's go to Jamba again!

    And I will always be your little "asian in a bag"

    I can like jump out in a ninja costume and use my super asian jackie-chan martial arts to beat down anyone who tries to hit on you.

    oh yea