Happy Hump Day.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Although I disliked today, sorta kinda...maybe.

Happy Hump Day everyone. 1 1/2 more weeks to go! Hoorah!

Choir is going well for the end of the year, we're just working on music for the seniors, etc. etc. I'm ready for next year's choir already...and to get my solo piece out of the way. It's pretty and all, but just a little stressful. I want to keep my spot in Madrigals, and I want to work for it at the same time.

Drivers Training is horrible, again. Mr. Abair still smells bad. 
One. More. Day.

And we're driving to Visalia and getting on the freeway. I'm a little nervous, not for my driving, but attempting to stay alive when Hana drives. Eeek, pray for me...please.

I decided that next year I want to get involved with the school's drama productions. Everyone keeps telling me what great stage presence I have, and I guess maybe I should put it to good work. Hopefully Ms. Hlyton thinks the same way. I was really hoping to get into "Bye Bye Birdee" this year, but never got around to it with all the stuff going on with my knee and doctor visits and what not.

I hear that we're going to do a Cinderella type story for the fall production, so I'll get my skinny little butt in there and try out for some random role. Maybe this is like the start for a new, different, DRAMATIC, side of Leah.

Or, maybe something to look good on a college application.

Either way, I'm sure I'll have fun with it. 
The spring musical will be fun too, given my I control my voice enough to sing during it.

I'm sure if I survived singing and dancing in Spring Concert this year, I'll be fine. We did a heck of a lot of dancing too...

So I've been finding myself saying "I'm going to put that in my blog today!" whenever I encounter little tidbits of fun and thought-provoking encounters in the day. Maybe it's the beginning of obsession, or as Sharpay would say..."the start of something new?"

I doubt anyone really reads this blog, but I keep it up for my own purposes. It's like a reward after I finish my English homework. (Thanks Mrs. Swift. I love "The Catcher in the Rye") 

Today wasn't all that great though...I've had better considering I dreaded going to Driver's Training this entire day. Chemistry was too much work to handle...without Hodges there to help us. Machine Shop was okay, we're finally getting down to the wire and finishing up our engines. And choir was the best period of the day. I love Choir.

Like I said, I can't wait until next year.

Being an upperclassmen is going to be one of the best feelings ever. For once, I'm not going to have to sit through stupid freshmen/sophomore idiotic things! And I'll get to plan prom...what a challenge and privilege that is. 

I also decided today I'm going to go to prom next year, date or not. I mean, if I put all that hard work and effort into it - I might as well see the finished product right? I'll just gather up some girls with me and go if no date comes my way. I'm sure it'll be just as fun, as it was at formal last year. 

But who knows that next year will bring...after the summer I have a gut feelings things are going to be way different when the year starts. Not just in my life, but in others as well. I feel as if I'm going to mature a lot this summer and perhaps my friends will too.

7 more days until summer.


"Oooh! Vicky Power!"

Respectfully submitted,