Leadership Rocks and Rolls Around the Clock

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Indeed it does, indeed. 

Student council banquet tonight was heart wrenching. 

I just realized how much I'm going to miss this year's senior class...they are a bunch of super amazing people. Beyond any expectation, they have become some of my greatest role models. We're losing outstanding individuals, but at the same time Universities and Colleges are gaining them.

Graduation is going to be a sad night, seeing all of them finish their high school careers. 
I'm so proud at the same time, but next year is going to be rough without them.

sad day.

Anyway, day 2 of Drivers Training was horrible again. I'm tired of it already, I can't wait for it to be over and I'm free of this living crap. Mr. Abair smells. Bad. Really bad, and he sweats like crazy, so he cranks up the air conditioner on like super high so it's like an icebox in that stupid car he calls "Vicky."

"Hana" as she's called, is the other girl taking drivers training with me. She's alright, but Mr. Abair won't shut up about the fact that's she's Arab. I think it's totally racist and she should like alert a lawyer or something, because it's on the border line. God, it's horrible. Everytime she messes up on something he's blaming it on her heritage.

"Well, you ran over Grandma. I guess Arabs don't like their Grandmas!"
"That's right, Arabs can't date yet. No boyfriends!"
"So, is your scarf thing restricting your vision?"

Mr. Abair needs a life, Hana needs a lawyer so she can sue, and I need out of this driver's training. 

Someone save me, please. 
8 more days and counting...8 more days until summer. 

Thank goodness...I need my daily dose of Calvin Crest. 
It's been too long, and I'm ready to go back up the mountain and see the greatest place on earth. 

I don't think anyone really understands how much Calvin Crest means to me, it's someplace unlike anywhere else. It's like my refuge, if you'd put it that way. If I could live up there year round, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Just like that, it's everything I could ever ask for in a place. 

And I can't wait to get back up there.

So, what else to ramble on with...
Oh yes, an update on what I talked about in my last post, that "hard-working" individual.

I had a conversation with a couple friends today about her, and it really let me dump off a lot of steam. That's what I like about blogs, it lets me rant and rant about the stupidest stuff, like this drama...and no one can bug me about it.

Blogging at it's greatest.

I'm so tired, and really should be sleeping. 
But once again, the internet has taken up time that should be better spent.

Knock yourselves out,

"Ew, wrinkly cleavage!"

Respectfully submitted,