"You ran over Grandma!"

Monday, May 12, 2008

Right, you ran her over good. 

Twice actually.

Drivers Training started today, and it was quite the experience...I suppose you could say. First of all, I was the only one who turned up on time. Apparently I was blessed with the greatest group of all time.

First off, a guy from Kingsburg named Andrew who never showed up.
Second, an Arab girl on home studies who has an overly annoying voice and almost crashed our car today.

Worked on right turns today, Mr. Abair kept telling me to speed up, and I hate having him yell at me while I'm driving. The other girl went a tad too fast, and upon getting onto a busy street and having Mr. Abair tell her to speed up, she proceeded to say "You want me to die?!?" and then freaked out every single time we saw a cop by us. 

God, she was annoying. And she's short too. Which means if we switch driving, I have to spend about 10 minutes adjusting the seat, wheel, and mirrors to match my abnormal height.

Hopefully the guy from Kingsburg shows up tomorrow, and if anything goes right he'll be a good driver with a normal voice, and not annoying.

I don't know if I'll make it though the next 3 days...god help me.

Officially 9 more days of school left before summer arrives. 

You have to understand who extremely excited I am for this. Summer is by far the best part of the year, and it just takes a whole lot of stress off of my life to not have to worry about school for once. This summer should be interesting, I mean with Calvin Crest, AP Summer homework, and my parents leaving for Singapore for 5 weeks.

Plus, maybe the idiots I choose to call my friends will drop all this horrible drama that's been staging our lives since birth.

Recently, it's blown up huge. Majorly huge.

Take it this way, in a group project, everyone should do something, do their part...do their work.
(This isn't dealing with my group, by the way...since my group rules. A+ baby, oh yea.)

I hate people who don't do their work, and don't care about it. I mean really, if you make a commitment, stick to it. Please, for the sake of all of us. I can't stand your crap anymore. 

You know what makes it worse? It only deals with academic classes. Stick her in an elective class and she'll be sucking up to the teacher like it's not big deal. What a person will do for something I hope she'll never get. 

I know, it sounds horrible. 

But if you knew, oh...well you'd understand. 
It's kind of sicking to see how much people change...I hate it sometimes, but at the same time it's a good thing.

"Nothing will stay your destiny. Whatever you do, wherever you go, there will always be a decision to make."

Respectfully submitted,