3 more days

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

3 more days until Calvin Crest.
3 more days till the fresh smell of mountain air,
3 more days till official happiness sets in.

Right on.

I went out today and bought my camp stuff, which actually totaled over $4o. Screw the economy and rising prices. I had to fork over $40 from my savings which probably means I won't be buying a lot of stuff at camp this year. I'll try to shrink it down to only $10 per week, which should work out well.

Anyway, buying all my camp stuff really finally set in my mind that I'm actually going to be up in my favorite place in the world in only 3 more days. 3 more short days.

Of course, in the next 3 days I have to get a cavity filled, work in the concession stand for choir, and pack all my stuff...but really, I'm ready to be up at camp.

Calvin Crest is like, a boyfriend to me.
Okay, that sounded really creepy. Forget I said that.

I'm watching Deal or No Deal right now, and there is this idiotic guy dressed in a boy scout uniform who is playing the Million Dollar Maddness, had 12 cases of $1,000,000 on the field, lost 11 of them, and still isn't taking the banker's deal. He's insane. I really want him to end up with like $50, and be all butt hurt about it for like the next 10 years.


Has anyone gone and seen Kung Fu Panda? It looks pretty funny and I love Jack Black's movies. But I'm not sure if forking over $6 is worth seeing it. Well, I probably won't have time anyway because I'm leaving in 3 MORE DAYS!

Yes. I can't get it out of my mind.
yay =]

I think I'm going to watch Celebrity Circus after Deal or No Deal. It looks pretty interesting.

Today I talked to my mom about my future and what I want to do, and I kind of mentioned Performing Arts, and she brought up the idea of Broadway. She was like "Broadway pays REALLY well Leah..." and she even said I might want to consider going to a Performing Arts school after high school.

Gosh, I would do that in a heartbeat, but I'm really not sure how qualified I am just yet. I plan on getting into the drama productions this school year, just to play around and see how I like it. I'm not a half-bad dancer, I mean...spring concert was killer for me, but with practice I'm sure I could get it. I sing, so that's not a problem. I love being in front of people, I have good stage presence. Maybe it's actually a good idea...

But I don't think I could make it all the way. I know people say to follow your dream, but what if I don't even have confidence in my own self? Maybe I should just give it some time. I'll figure out what I feel like I'm fit in for in the next coming years. Broadway is a long ways away, and I've got time.

I've got time.

"So, I'm like standing there. You know, talking to it. Like it's going to talk back to me...stupid cat."

Respectfully submitted,

PS: The deal or no deal ended with that idiotic guy going with a deal of $263,000, when he actually had only $10 in his case. Luck? Perhaps...