Calvin Crest Family Camp Week 1 (Picture Post)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

So this would be various pictures taken by either me, the twins, Kayla, Amy, and other random people at my most amazing week at Calvin Crest. I was a CCA for Family Camp Week 1. This is the picture post, I'm sure that they'll be a follow-up coming soon.

The first official picture on the way up to Calvin Crest this summer! Love the iPods, and better yet, my hair is actually straight in this picture...

So this would be at our first bible study with the CCA's on Monday. The other child care assistants were AWESOME, and I loved getting to know them. I'm sure it would be a shame if the ever wonderful Allison didn't wind up as our counselor for high school camp...

Due to popular belief, many people think now-a-days, that Emily Musson is the "big booty champion." Just for the records, she's not guys. Many games have been played at CCA and each time, there is a different big booty champ. However, she is the best CCA LC I've ever had. She's just plain awesome =]

Ah yes, the lovely cabin of "Macintosh" in the AIM area, where our most delightful CCA's resided after night activities. My bunk was the top bunk, Kayla's on the bottom. This was probably taken Sunday afternoon, when my bunk was actually still clean...

The first of many, many adorable pictures of the lovely Zach, who was the little brother of my CCA child Zoe. He's 15 months and was pretty much voted "cutest child" by the CCA's at family camp. Casey had the opportunity to be his CCA, and what can I say? I think I was jealous...not only of that, but of his most amazing swim shorts. They have dinosaurs on them!

Meghan, or LC for the 3-5 year olds. A butterfly must have mistaken her for a lovely flower, because after landing on her head, it decided to stay there for a good 3-5 minutes. She's quite the leader of our group, and she's just plain fun to be around. Praying and hoping we get lucky enough to have her as our LC for high school camp!

So, on olympic night, the kids had the chance to learn archery from the masters themselves, Robin Hood and Maid Marian. Zoe had her chance, but I think we ran out of time. Eh, well the CCA's were off duty anyway...

Zoe, on the left is my most adorable, super cute, CCA child. Dylan, looking slightly scary in this picture, was another one of the 3-5 year olds. Both became great friends, and after showing Dylan this picture, her response was "It's cute!"

Alyssa, the twins, and Zoe's forehead, having a lovely time at campfire.

Water day at sherwood, and my adorable Zoe in Alyssa's (left) sunglasses. Hereby voted one of the cutest pictures by me. As you can also see, Casey's right leg is a key essential in this picture.

Another adorable picture of Zach. Ah...

And yes, it can get more adorable.

I obviously missed random picture time. This is Brenna, she's awesome. Fun. Cool. And all that jazz.

It can't really get any more cute than this.

Never mind. It did.

Yes, we watched both of those movies on Zoe and Zach's portable dvd player. Wonderful eh?

So, besides this picture being cute with the twins along with Alyssa, Zoe (on Nicole's lap) the whole point of this picture was the Indiana Jones on the guitar, also known as James.
"I'm going to go get some dessert."
"Oh my god, haha haha, get some. hahahaa!"
Funniest line ever. Thank you Allison and Amy for a hilarious dinner.

So that's my week in pictures. Look out for more blogging coming later.
Hooray! Only 10 more days till 3 more weeks of calvin crest fun.

"That was 3 hours ago! That was yesterday!!"

Respectfully submitted,