Calvin Crest Follow Up (Family Camp)

Friday, June 27, 2008

What really can I say about being a CCA this year?

It was so amazing
-and much much more.

I can't really sum up the entire week in words, and tomorrow it'll be one week since I've been home...and I miss the kids, the families, the other CCA's and all of the staff so much. They are all such an amazing group of people.

I can't wait to get back up into the Calvin Crest grounds in 8 more days for high school camp!

Anyway, Family Camp this year was so much fun. Getting up Sunday, we were so excited the entire ride up. Then the excitement grew once we realized we were going to stay in the AIM cabins, instead of Sherwood.

That was almost the best part.

Met our kids and our families at dinner, then spent the first night at campfire and put the kids to bed, which would turn out to be a challenge the rest of the week.

Got to know the other CCA's that night at our first night activity! Pretty quiet, not too was like a game to get to know each other and all that jazz.

Kicked off to bed at the cabin and slept good. Stayed in the cabin of Macintosh with Casey, Nicole, Kayla, Brenna, Emma, Alli, Allison, and our counselor DJ. Pretty awesome group of girls. Had an epic time for sure.

Next morning took the kids to VBS, etc...hung out the rest of the day, put the kids to bed, etc. CCA activity was night swinging. BEST TIME. There was like only 6 of us swinging, so the other kids headed back to the cabin and I got to know the other girls and guys while we were swinging. Both of the Johns were awesome, we were discussing iMac laptops and Singapore. Pretty awesome time.

Same deal Tuesday, CCA activity was stargazing in Sherwood! This is where I met Amy, aka funniest girl ever. We pretty much got attacked by trees on the trail down, and it was pretty epic. She's so much fun though, and I was so bummed she wasn't in our cabin.

Wednesday was water day in Sherwood, and Zoe fell asleep on a huge beach ball - the cutest thing ever. I was like, dead. Anyway CCA activity that night was Mafia in the dining hall. Fun fun, it ended up with me, Amy, and Oliva- the mafia. We won though, because me and Amy were smart. Oh yea...

Thursday was same deal with VBS. The kids were so great...but during free time I started my epic ping pong challenge against Ben, John, and Chris. Of course Ben schooled me easily, he's bomb at table tennis. I owned all over John, but never beat Chris =[ It was lots of fun though, and I can't believe we spent the entire free time playing ping pong. CCA activity that night was night fluming. Stayed dry, because I was so tired. Spent most of the night watching Emily, Ali, and snakekid go down the flume over and over again. Elizabeth also had her dream come true as she went night fluming, and then told us later that she also wanted to be a pilot. Random much? Talked a lot to John and walked back up to cabin and chilled.

Friday was a sad day. Last day of VBS and the kids' show. The kid's show went great, Zoe actually sang...haha. Anyway, then corndogs and mac and cheese for dinner. The twins were pretty excited about that. Went and watched Lion King with the kids, watched Kristy (the other girls cabin's counselor) quote every line and cry when Mufasa died. It was great. Put the kids to bed, and went down for the first official dance of the summer at Calvin Crest!!!

Oh yes, it was great. The entire staff was there, and we even pulled out a couple staff from the kitchen down to the dance floor. It was epic music, epic moves, and quite the epic time. I love Calvin Crest dances, they own every other dance I've ever been to.

So Saturday, we said our goodbyes, and headed down the mountain for two weeks until high school camp!

8 more days.....

"Ah big booty! Big booty aw yea...."

Respectfully submitted,