Cassie O.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

is the first person officially knocked off of Legally Blonde: The Musical, The Search For Elle Woods.

Did I not just call that? I was so happy when both of the Cassie's wound up in the bottom two. I was pretty sure this was a sign that my physic powers were finally kicking in, but you know...maybe it's just luck.

Anyway, there's a sure sign that next week all of the girls are going to turn against Cassie S, mainly because she's totally going to become like the next Broadway jerk on the show. I bumped up my list on my favorites, I HAD to add Bailey, because she takes advice really well and when she was told at the acting workshop to get rid of her southern accent, she did it WAY better than I expected.

The audition for the girls was killer. They did the "Delta Nu" scene with Nikki Snielson, who plays Brooke Windom in the musical, a "whipped into shape" video workout instructor who's made millions from her video "Whip Your Way to Tighter Buns."

She's amazing, first of all...her first scene is the first scene of act II, and she has to sing a powerhouse belt while jump roping. That's beyond having skill. It's like OWNING skill, right down to the floor. I was impressed so much by just watching it on youtube. She said to train for that scene, they had to wake up every morning and do vocal exercises while jump roping. Crazy...

Anyway, during the scene Nikki was told to forget one of her lines, so the judges could see how the "Elle's-to-be" would think on their feet and react. It was so horrible watching each girl crash and burn. There was a long awkward pause, and some girls caught on and just said their next line, while the majority just stood there looking like deer in headlights.

Natalie, however (one of my top 3) did an excellent job. There was a short pause, but she covered up and recovered even better.

Nikki: "It's just if my secret gets out, I could lose my workout industry, and it means everything to me"
-dropped line: "If I tell you, will you Delta Nu sister swear not to tell anyone"-
-awkward pause-
Natalie: "Well, I will Delta Nu sister swear not to tell anyone!"
Nikki: "Really, you'd-"
Natalie: "No, wait. I will DOUBLE Delta Nu sister swear not to tell anyone your secret!"
Nikki: "Oh you're hardcore!"

She did the best out of all the girls I think.

So, my top 3 as of now are: Rihannon, Bailey, and Natalie.
All of them stand a big chance at the grand prize.

So sad I'm missing next week's episode when they do the "omigod you guys" scene. And where Cassie S becomes the Broadway B****.

Right on then, I'm done with this re-cap of last night's show.

"It's so frustrating, it's so frustrating, it's not even fair."

Respectfully submitted,