Legally Blonde Update (Episodes 2-3)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yes, updating on the two episodes that have passed since the dear Cassie O. us.

First of all, the next person to get kicked off was Lindsey. Saw that one coming easily, her vocals are slightly out of wack and her personality just wasn't Elle.

Next to go was Celina, whom I was sad to see leave, because she ready stood out as a red head in a big sea of blondes and brunettes. She was a true rocker chick, and she left with a good attitude, saying she'll see her name in lights somewhere else. I can see her on the little mermaid, but that's just my opinion.

Big surprise next, after Celina left, the judges dropped the bomb on the other two girls, Cassie S. and Autumn that another girl was going to leave. And guess who it was? CASSIE! I was absolutely happy because she did not have the right attitude in this competition. When the judges told her that she kind of stood out as a understudy or chorus member in the casting room, she totally bit back and was like "Uh no, I know I was made for Elle. I don't want to be an understudy or chorus, I want to be the star, blah blah blah."

So she left.

I can't wait till next Monday so I can watch the girls' reactions when only 1 girl walks through the doors to the penthouse instead of the two they think of. Of course Baily (one of my favorites) is sure to rejoice, because she had quite the sticky with Cassie in the past episodes.

Anyway, to sum up the last two episodes in auditions and workshops...

The first was a scene from the first act, the opening song "OmiGod You Guys" where the other girls not playing Elle had to play the chorus members- yes, an important job. Their workshop was powerhouse belting while working out on exercise balls, jumping jacks, bicycles, etc. Some shone, some didn't. I loved Lauren in this workshop because she really put herself all out. She seriously did amazing, and the judges thought so too, because she won and got to go meet Orfeh from "Legally Blonde" who plays Paulette.

I'm also really proud of Emma. She quit smoking 2 weeks ago, and has been doing great. Her voice is improving as she stops inhaling evil into her lungs. She did great in the workshop too.

Anyway, so then at their auditions Cassie S totally threw all of the other girls "under the bus" by saying they weren't giving their all as chorus members during her audition and rehearsal. Therefore hence all the other girls begin to slowly develop a hate for Cassie.

As did I, and I'm sure millions of other viewers.

Episode after that, the girls performed a scene with the guy who plays Warner in Legally Blonde (who is EXTREMELY hot by the way.) They did the song "Serious" which is such a comedic scene.

Their workshop was truly amazing. They got to have a sleepover with the two puppies that play Bruiser in the play. The girl who "bonded" most with the dogs won, which was Autumn. By the way, Cassie totally bombed this workshop, loser. Autumn did great, and took Celina with her to meet Richard (Warner) on a little "date" before their audition.

I was totally jealous.

So, the girls all did great at their auditions. Rhiannon did the best, in my opinion...and she is my favorite too, so it was a plus. Emma's voice really did not work, mainly because she got bronchitis, poor girl. The judges loved it though, along with Lauren's audition which was so cute. She's adorable, not one of my favorites (she seems kind of "blah" most of the time) but really became a threat in the competition from her audition.

Next week comes another episode along with more drama in the house.
I'm kind of excited.

"Where yo shoes at gurl?"

Respectfully submitted,