My First Cavity

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Well, first one filled out of six.

Yes, I said six.
4 in my front teeth, and 2 in my lower left front teeth.

What a bummer.

First of all, I hate dentist's offices. They freak me out. Second, I was literally dieing when I was like, trying to stay calm and not shove all this crap out of my mouth while the dentist was like drilling my tooth. Third, my lip was numb for about 3 hours after that.

I hate this.

I don't get it, I like brush my teeth and all, but no- according to my dentist it's not matter if you brush your teeth or not, you must floss or it's like not brushing your teeth at all...

Suck it.

If I didn't brush my teeth AND not floss, I'd look like a hillbilly who just made out with a caveman. Twice.

God, I hate dentists. I like having beautiful teeth, I mean that's what I was going for when I endured a year of braces and retainers, but six cavities? I know I eat sugary stuff, but I live in a heath food haven of a house. How does this even happen? My dad claims it's the soda, but that's his excuse for everything.

So thanks to the policies of the office I go to, I can only have one cavity filled per visit. Which means I have to go back to the dentist every week until all these stupid cavities are filled. Minus the Calvin Crest weeks I'm not home, which means I'll have all of my six cavities filled by the start of school. Hopefully.

Looks like my summer is going to be fun.

The overall procedure was horrible, but not as bad as I thought it would be. It didn't hurt, thank the Lord, that was my main fear. I can't stand pain that much,'s my weakness. So the lady sticks some pink glob on my gum above my front tooth which taste cherry flavored (that was a plus) and told me to use this little sucking stick if I needed to spit. But I wasn't aware that in order to fully numb my gum and tooth, they have to give me a shot in my gum before starting the initial procedure.

Have I mentioned I don't like shots either?
Getting my tetanus at my freshmen sports physical was torture.

I think my dentist saw me freaking out in my chair and made me close my eyes and breathe through my nose while I got my shots. I didn't know they were shots though, I just thought he was doing dentist stuff. I kept my eyes shut the entire time because I DID NOT want to know what the dentist was doing, I just wanted it to be over with. And the drilling was horrible. I hate the sound of drills, even in Machine Shop this semester I stayed away from the drill press enough.

My solution is to bring my iPod next time, and crank up some Relient K while I get my next cavity filled. All I really remember is opening my eyes whenever my mouth was empty, and I remember seeing a pink stick with florescent yellow fluffy ends on it. I have no idea what it was for, but it almost made me laugh, until my dentist almost gagged me with some other stick-sort of thing.

Pros to this whole thing though, my dad feels like he is partly to blame because it's been like 4 years since my last dentist appointment, and he feels like it's his fault that he never scheduled one.

Fits me.

Anyway, for the next 6 weeks, I'll be numb, sick, sore, and fed up.
Deal with it.

"Fear itself, fears Chuck Norris"

Respectfully submitted,