Waves that Behave

Thursday, June 12, 2008

So shopping yesterday at Target, I got this new shampoo line called "Hairipy" upon further reading found out it's the "Waves of Envy" line. I like it better called "Waves that Behave" which was also on the bottle. Don't think I actually came up with that myself.

Anyway, it said it's made for wavy hair, keeps it from frizzin' and "tames rebellious waves leaving hair soft and silky."

As much as I didn't buy that, I actually bought it. I needed shampoo anyway.

So I hope it makes a difference, because I'm sick and tired of my hair being frizzy and all crazy.
FYI, I stop straightening my hair in the summer because it's too hot, and it takes too long.


this blog is done for today...more probably coming later.

"Hey, hey, hey, be positive! That he loves you and NOT HER! You're HOTTER! And I bet you're SMARTER! She don't know the real hiiiieeeeem..."

Respectfully submitted,