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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Because I really can't think of anything catchy to say.

It's 10:04 right now, as I type this...and my goal is to get ready for bed around 10:30.
Hopefully my thoughts manage to trickle out before then.

Today was one of those summer days I enjoy.

Waking up early, before my mom...eating breakfast for once and getting back on track with my AP homework. Lots of guitar playing and hanging out with the twins. Tri-tip dinner and rice from Tracy.

A good day if any.

I got work done that needed to be done, ie: student council stuff and t-shirt designs for the first day of school. Got some simple lyrics laid out for my next song, hopefully. Starting to work on rides/places to stay after the Staff Concert at Calvin Crest. If all goes well, Tom and I will be helping out at the concert and attending it as well.

Which I am excited about.
Not just about being back up on the mountain (which is of course, exciting in itself!) but being apart of it. More than just an attendee. More than just another face.

The Crest is a huge part of me. I might as well help it in anyway that I can.

I'm learning how to play "Tears in Heaven" on my guitar, which is a lovely relaxing activity for me to do in between laying down lyrics. It sort of "relieves" my brain when it gets a little too worked up over little things. It's a slightly difficult tab, but practice is paying off and my pinkie is becoming strong enough to do hammer-on and pull-offs.

That's today's accomplishment.

This blog post is pretty short, because I am pretty tired...and I'm ready to go to bed and spend a little quiet time reading through Philippians, Chapter 3. I've got some journaling and talking to God to do.

Or better yet, listening.

"Well, I'm not your cousin!"

Respectfully submitted,