My mind

Thursday, July 03, 2008

is crazy fumble jumbled up right now.

I seriously love living with the twins. Casey and Nicole are by far the two funniest people I know, they make me laugh like no other.

These past 2 weeks have been constant laughter and jokes.

I'm come to realization that maybe I'm meant to learn something from past events and past mistakes. Nothing really ever went perfect is my life so far, but I mean I can't really ask for everything. I've had lots of epic fails, and more epic fails.

But it's alright.

Things look up, things get better, they crash, burn, destroy themselves from within...and then return with even greater beauty.

Remember when I said this summer was going to feel like a change for me? I think the change is finally starting to settle itself into me. Things have been mindset has been changing and the biggest part of the summer is yet to come.

My 3 weeks at calvin crest are sure to bring life changing memories and people who I'll never forget.

I've met people who've made me laugh beyond sense until it's a way of breathing,
I've met people who've made me cry who aren't even 5 years old yet.
I've heard stories that break my heart,
and more stories that rebuild it back up better than ever.
I've had the time of my life this summer and I just feel like it's going to get better.

So far summer 2008 has been the best.
And there's more to come.

I can feel it.

"It's not how many times you get knocked down, it's how many times you get back up."

Respectfully submitted,