"You Smell like Coffee!"

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yes, indeed I do.
Well, not after my shower.
But earlier today, after Starbucks with Josh.

I seriously love that guy. He's pretty much one of my best friends right now. We finally got a chance to catch up after all of our camp escapades at our local Dinuba Starbucks. Sitting at there, just enjoying each other's company and talking about how God has been working in our lives.

This is how friendship should be.

I'm so proud of him, and his wanting to follow God's will. He's an awesome role model and I feel really blessed to call him such a close friend.

Plus, I feel good about myself today, and for the first time ordered something other than a strawberries and creme at Starbucks.

My new favorite drink is the "Double Chocolaty Chip"

Anyway, I feel good about today, tomorrow, and the future. Things are moving a steady and well pace since coming home from camp and I feel so much more different. I'm approaching things in a new light, looking at things differently, and well...I like it.

Not just your normal/hated "camp high" anymore.

I'm looking forward; however, to being back up at Calvin Crest for the staff concert on the 9th. Nothing like spending a day at glorious Calvin Crest to get you pumped up for school!

Wow. That was sarcastic. I love sarcasm by the way, it's a simple but hilarious way of making everything well...hilarious.

I got a lovely text from my dear friend Kellie last night that made me really happy. I sent her and Sierra a letter while they are counseling, and it defiantly brightened their day. Makes my heart smile, you know? I miss them both terribly, along with the rest of our AIM team.

So, I'm having a conversation on IM right now with Nathan, one of the AIM'ers, and we're talking about butterflies.

Yes. Butterflies.

It's a story, but it's worth telling.

So, we're stargazing. About 8 of us, all out in the apple orchard. We start a conversation about 7 things we would look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend. One of the girls was talking about her 7 things, and she said "I want a guy that gives me butterflies." And off in the corner, lo and behold Nathan says, "Well what if I ripped the wings off a butterfly, shoved it in my mouth, ate it, and was like 'I HAVE BUTTERFLIES TOO!'"

It was great.
I miss AIM so much.
I really want to go back and re-live it,
But when I really think about it, it couldn't have been better any other way.

"If a girl and a guy are serious about dating, the girl should be so lost in following God that the guy must go after her even farther in following God to find her."

Respectfully submitted,