I'm seriously craving starbucks

Sunday, August 31, 2008

bad, right about now.
I think I'm going to try and convince my mother to let me drive over with her and pick up a double chocolatly chip, or a blended strawberry lemonade.


My mind is off thinking again, and I feel in a mood I haven't felt in a while. On the way to dinner at Esperanza's tonight, I was thinking more and more about this summer. I was re-living memories I haven't thought about, since this summer.

Like, "AIM! Assemble....a-sam-ba-ley!" and so on. It really made me smile, but made me miss it even more. As time moves on I'm sure I'll begin to get wrapped up in school and sports and I won't stop missing AIM, but I'm sure I'll be busy enough to keep my mind off of it 24/7.

I want to learn how to play the harmonica. I think it would add a nice addition to my guitar skills, and I love the sound of them both being played together. I'm trying to move to a more soulful acoustic sense of lyrics/mood in my writing, and I'm almost positive a harmonica would add to the mood delightfully.

Other than that, my music is off into a lyrics-writing-frenzy. I really need to get into the local studio and record sometime soon, because I've been wanting to get a demo up and running asap. Send them out to some select friends, and of course...the promised AIMers.

They've been a part of my music so far, as much as anyone else that has inspired me.
And there's been plenty.

I plan on spending the rest of today and tomorrow relaxing, catching up on sleep, and preparing for my tennis match on Thursday against Porterville. Wonderful.

Call me.
Let's hang at starbucks.

"Just, a closer walk with thee. Granted Jesus, is my plea..."

Respectfully submitted,