Friday, September 26, 2008

Our football team demolished Granite Hills.
Wonderful way to open up a new season on the home field.

I love the atmosphere of football games, and it's a million times better when you're down on the field with the players, so freaking close to the action on the field.

I enjoy it.

I'm so tired right now. I really should be getting to bed, since I have an early wake up call tomorrow.

Raisin Day is officially here.

Tomorrow I'm kicking off quite the busy Saturday with a morning run, followed by shower, and walking the parade route to sell some last minute tickets for choir. Then heading to the park to enjoy some well-deserved fried fair food, (most likely a funnel cake) and catching up with friends. Watching 4 very lucky people win the 4 very awesome prizes from the choir, and finishing up by watching Taylor perform her Miss Dinuba act again. I seriously LOVE the song she sang.

I need to do some serious thinking.
Thank goodness I don't have trig homework this weekend.

"You seriously took took him his mouthpiece?"
"That's love right there."

Respectfully submitted,