"Oh hot damn, this is my jam..."

Monday, September 22, 2008

I am feeling better.
Things are turning up.

Sometimes, I think I wish for certain things to happen to me, but I make no effort on my part to help them become a reality. I want things to turn out the way I imagined them, but I don't really put my part into that.

Maybe I should work on that.

On the other hand, my mother is desperately trying to convince me to run for Miss Dinuba next year. I know it would be a very rewarding experience, and everyone tells me that I stand a good chance, but I'm just not totally sure about it.

Sure, I would love the scholarship money. Indeed, it would help out more than anyone could think. But the problem is, I don't enjoy Dinuba. I never have. And what am I supposed to say when the papers ask me "Well, why do you want to be Miss Dinuba?" Am I just supposed to be like "Well, I actually hate this stupid rinky-dink town, and I'm only in this for the scholarship money!"

I just don't want to be fake about it.

Anyway, I'm starting to realize how much I enjoy working out. I seriously love running more than anything right now. I just feel so much more free, when I'm out on my own in the stadiums running endless stairs over and over and over again. It's the best feeling in the world. The same being out on the courts, when I'm just working with the ball machine, pushing myself to my limits and working harder than any other girl on the courts.

And in reading news, I'm already halfway through the second installment of the Twilight series, New Moon. I believe I'm slowly falling in love with Edward Cullen, and starting in turn to fall for Jacob Black too. It's true what those flair say, it's becoming hard to come to the reality that Edward and Jacob are both fictional characters. I have huge respect for Stephanie Myer. To be able to create not one, but TWO characters who seem so real to readers, that we have actually created within ourselves a vision of the perfect person, and Edward and Jacob both seem to fill that. It's insanity. She has to be one of the most amazing authors I have ever had the pleasant opportunity to read. I'll probably be blogging more about my upcoming adventures in New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn.

I'm ready for some big changes in my life. I really want a new person to walk into my little, simple life, sweep me off my feet and become one of my best friends. I love being unexpected, and surprised, and maybe...just maybe that person is on their way.

I'm a little impatient,
but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.

"It's like he's got two malleouses!"

Respectfully submitted,