Immanuel Tennis and microwave burritos.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Today was Annie, Maribel, and my first tennis practice with the Immanuel Tennis team.

It was, kind of awkward at first, but as the drills went on it just kind of settled into just another practice day. I always thought it would be really weird practicing with a team I so wanted to beat in league play, not to mention the league tournament. I think things sort of changed a little now that we won't be facing them anymore. The coach had invited us, so I'm thinking it would be pretty respectful to take him up on his offer instead of ignoring it.

Anyway, it was up a WHOLE new level than other practice I have been in, mainly concerning our so-called "DHS tennis practices." The drills were well-thought through, quick, fast, and really helped. For the first time this season, I actually felt like I went through a workout and actually, well...worked.

And now I actually realize why their tennis team is always so good. Because they work. Because they actually don't screw around too much at practice and actually work. They know what they have to do to become better, and true as it can be, their work pays off. If our team had started off the season doing these drills, and having this drive...we'd be a whole other story. A whole different team.

Kind of makes me sad our coaching staff can't step it up to the point where Immanuel plays at. I just wish our season could have been longer, our team could have worked harder, and things would have just worked themselves out.

Well, there's always next year.

Moving onto other news...

I ate a microwave burrito today.
And it was pretty much the best thing ever.

"I think I want you to be here."

Respectfully submitted,