Valley Bound!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Goodness, today has been the most amazing day ever.

Starting off, with the CSL tournament with the tennis team. Maribel, my doubles partner, and I were determined to qualify for the Valley Championship Tournament next weekend. Turns out, in the second round of the tournament, we lose to Immanuel's number 2 doubles (ranked 4 in the tournament) in a tiebreaker.

Talk about devastating. As the last shot hit the net, and fell back, I literally fell to my knees and cried. I was so disappointed, because we were so close to getting that qualifier. It meant so much to me to take little ol' Dinuba all the way to Valley. We had worked so hard this entire season, and it was finally time for me to realize that a Valley Ring wasn't in the stars for me this year.

So after taking a break for lunch, we come back to the courts to watch Annie battle it out for 1st place (which she indeed took home at the end of the day) and Mr. Tovar says he has some good news for Maribel and me. Turns out CVC's number 2 doubles, had already qualified for Valley, but cannot make the tournament next Saturday, and we're next in line to take their place.

Miracle much?

I was so insanely happy, overjoyed, excited, and nervous at the same time. The thought that our under-dog doubles team was going to Valley overwhelmed me. It was the perfect ending to the tournament, to know we worked so hard, and it was finally paying off. I am so excited that our tennis season gets to be extended for another week, and I get to hang around our team for another week, and I will most definitely make the most out of it.

And to top everything else off, I saw the most beautiful thing today.

Deigo and Yolanda took home the Homecoming King/Queen crowns at the game tonight. These are the most amazing high school students I have ever met. Their float (which won 1st place) was beautiful, and really shone through just how hard their club, Emperor Fusion, put into it.

In case this doesn't really make sense, Deigo and Yolanda are representing the small, but significant group of Developmentally Disabled students on our high school campus. They have more courage and drive that I have ever seen. This entire week must have made their high school experience more amazing than anyone could have imagined.

The dress-up days, the lunch activites, float construction, all leading up to when both of them got to take home crowns tonight. I feel very proud of all the DHS students on campus for doing this. Even before voting took place today at lunch, text messages were going around saying to vote for them, because this meant something really special to them.

Even though I was in the locker rooms during half-time, I heard once both of them got their crowns, there wasn't one dry eye in the stadium. This was probably the most special and amazing moment in their high school experience. I'm so glad that they get to take home the title of Homecoming King and Homecoming Queen, because really...they deserve it.

Of course, today is also amazing because our football team broke their losing streak by beating Coalinga 24-14!

Junior year is flying by, I'm getting caught up in so many significant, and some insignificant things, but I'm enjoying it immensely. I'm looking forward to where I go, and what happens. I'll roll with the punches and maybe throw a couple in from my point of view.

Life is, moving by quickly.

"At home, we're dinosaurs."

Respectfully submitted,