Destination Maternity

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Today was probably one of the most hilarious days I have had by far.
It really made me laugh when I needed it most.

It all started with hanging out with the dear Sally, before she flies out to Boston tonight. We went and saw that new Disney/Pixar Movie, "Bolt." It was SO funny, and actually a really good plot line. I loved all the little jokes and sarcastic comments, and the whole idea behind the movie was really great on Disney's part. The only detail I didn't enjoy was the that Penny, Bolt's owner/actress on set, was voiced by Miley Cyrus. That, was a little annoying. Otherwise it was an adorable movie, and I highly recommend it.

And then it was off to go shopping with the twins, Kayla, and Alex for Casey and Nicole's upcoming birthday. We decided to hit River Park first, where we stumbled upon a little store called "Destination Maternity." Apparently, I'm 3 months pregnant with my second child, a little boy named LaShaun, with Alex being my first who I had when I was 12. By the way, my approximate age is 28 if you didn't know. That became a recurring joke, with Alex referring to me as mom for the rest of the night.

We then decided to have some In n Out for dinner, which was very delicious. I mean, when isn't it? It's the world's best burger in my opinion. Lots more jokes, and then we drove down the Fresno Fair for more shopping. We went through the mall, shopping at various merchants and watching Alex pick up lots and lots and lots, and well more jewelry.

We went into this store called Charlotte Rouse, where Kayla and I found a sweet deal on sunglasses (which you'll most likely see me wearing lots when the sun is out) that I'm pretty sure the cashier screwed up on. We got two pairs of sunglasses for $1.50, when the actual sale was 2 sunglasses for $10. Nice, I know. Alex also got more jewelry here :D

The four of us spent lots of time in apple store playing with the iTouch and iPhones. Lots of games, and plus it was like an ice box which was nice because it was starting to get rather hot in the mall. However, it started to make every other store in the mall extra hot when we left. We ran around the 3 stories of Gottchalks and found some lovely massage chairs, then picked up some Starbucks before leaving.

A good day if any.

It really made me enjoy life, and I loved it. I hope it continues like this for a while, because it would make the holidays a lot more exciting and happy than last year.

I'm off to go clean up, and watch The Santa Clause 2 with my mother. Hooray for Tim Allen!

"Well, you both kind of have the same skin and your eyes look the same."
"What are you trying to say?!?"

Respectfully submitted,