"I loved being able to talk with you."

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It seems like only a moments spent remembering this summer, surfing through old e-mails, and looking at pictures from summer 08 makes me miss it so much more than I ever have.

It's not new, it always seems to strike me once fall finally slips into winter, the fog/rain comes, and I've still got half of a year to go before summer resurfaces and I see a majority of the people I love.

I miss my AIM family a lot.

Seriously, I doubt any of you read my blog, but I really, really, miss you guys. Everytime I look at the pictures from our two weeks spent together, I can't help but laught at all the funny moments we had, the great quotes ("We yam hard!") and amazing conversations we had.

I miss stargazing.
I miss the question game.
I miss talking about everything and anything.
I miss climbing the AIM tree, and eating lunch up there.
I miss hanging out in the AIM lounge forever, and laughing so much.
I miss our quote wall, and all of our quotes.
I miss our At No adventures, and our matching t-shirts.
I miss restocking the store with Courtney.
I miss waking up to Steven's sneezes.
I miss watching Mack fall over the hill during the broom game.
I miss attempting and failing to wake Rebs up every morning.
I miss "happy-raindancing" with Megan and Kellie.
I miss laughing at Seirra's misspelling of her boyfriend's last name.
I miss Sarah doing the Warren dance.
I miss listening to Jon say "BP! Tree bit me!"
I miss Ryan's odd and sometimes hilarious quotes. ("Tee-hee?")
I miss watching Josh shoot rubberbands everywhere in the AIM lodge.
I miss wondering where Brian always was, and realizing he was just running again.
I miss Jess looking for her alarm clock every morning.
I miss Ben's great questions and thinking processes.
I miss playing guitar and writing music with Nathan.
I miss BP always saying "not funny!" all the time.
I miss Seth's spectacular Mafia games.
I miss Carrie's ability to make me smile and laugh no matter what.

And most of all, I miss our family.
We bonded so much, I don't even consider our friendship....simply friendship anymore. You're like my brothers and sisters, and I wish I could sit and talk with you like I did those two weeks.

I need summer back.

"And that's where the love started?"

Respectfully submitted,