Oh, what a tangled web we weave...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Everything affects everything.
Simple fact.

High school has done it again, and weaved a huge tangled web around my life, filled with way too much drama for me to handle.

I wish I could just tear out of this stupid web and run away to a place where everything is perfect, no worries, no drama, no problem. Probably be the best days of my life.

In other news my 4 day weekend is going, okay.
I suppose it could go better, but then again my entire high school career could be too.
I'll take life as it throws itself at me, and work with what it gives me.

In the words of Matt Peterson, "It's life...sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches."

Just about.

I went shopping today.
And bought to my heart contents of clearance and sales items.

I also vented to my mother about how jackets never fit me, because due to my height, my torso is abnormally long which causes normal jackets to fit short on me. I guess it's a price you gotta pay to be tall. I did however, find one that did fit at Khols, it's a black and yellow plaid design on the out, with a white inside and hood. And it's LONG ENOUGH.

Praise the Lord.

Plus I picked up a much needed white long sleeve shirt, 2 areopostale graphic tee shirts, and an old navy clearance shirt. Wonderful.

And....I really have nothing more to talk about.
So let's close off this blog for now.

"Who's crying? Oh wait that's not my kid."

Respectfully submitted,