Top 5 Things on my Mind

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I have no energy to make a formatted blog post, so enjoy this list.

5) Basketball

I like the team so far. I like our practices so far. I like our coaches. But I don't like our mouthpieces. But it's been a good week of practice, and I'm looking forward to going to the scrimmage next weekend over Thanksgiving Break in Shafter. Our first, "semi-official" game. Exciting, I know! I'm kind of already passed the whole "transition phase" between tennis and basketball anyway.

4) Trig

I have homework I need to do, but no energy to do it...well, it'll probably get done after I finish this list. Yes, it's just a list. Not a blog post. But the class is almost over, and I'm close to breaking point in the fact that I hate it so much. I love our class, our teacher, and the friends I have in there, but the subject depresses me dearly.

3) Football Playoffs

Yes, our Dinuba High School Varsity Football team travels to Porterville tomorrow for the first round of playoffs. This could possibly be our last game to work as athetic trainers, and I'm so sad that it might finally be ending. I love our little training team, the inside jokes we have, and I'm so looking forward to making tomorrow the best day ever. After all, we are getting Red Robin!

2) Matt Peterson's YoYo Lessons
We struck a deal that if he taught me how to solve a rubik's cube, I would teach him how to yoyo. Well, he kept his side of the offer, and yes...I can solve a cube now! So therefore I've been teaching him how to yoyo, and the progress he's made so far is simply amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing his yoyo skills grow, and in time, the student may out "yoyo" the teacher.
1) Winter Formal

We're rounding out the count at 3 weeks till Formal, and yes I am still dateless, but surprisingly, I'm not really letting it bother me. Thanks to some awesome advice from my brother (love ya bro!) I'm not letting the cares and worries of high school get me down. I'm freaking out way too much about the fact that no one has asked me yet, when I should just be getting excited to go. If all falls through, heck...I'll go by myself with a group of girls and their dates. Screw the awkwardness, the weird look, and the judgemental people. I'm going to have a fun time either way. Take it, or leave it.

"I am about to send you the most amazing bumper sticker ever?"

Respectfully submitted,


  1. I love math! Hooray, math!

    So we were doing Laplace transforms applied to negative feedback systems in my signals and systems analysis lecture today, and I was like, "shit this is awesome!" when the prof pulled Euler's relation out of the blue and used it to make a once-complicated problem oh-so-beautifully simple.

    Take some more advice and take AP Calc. You'll be ready to major in math by the time you're done with it. Trig is just a bitchy stepping stone to much better places.

    Just sayin' :-P

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