Reflections of 2008

Friday, December 26, 2008

This year is coming to an end.
It really flew by so fast, but this year has been one big learning experience.

From start, to probably finish this year has been filled to the brim of mistakes, and learning from then. Then again, most of my life is like that. But if you were wondering about some of my greatest memories from this year, keep reading. I'm taking a much needed stroll down memory lane.

What a way to begin the new year. Within 3 weeks into the new year, I wove my own tangled web of lies and finally received what I had always wished for, only to realize I really didn't want it. Upon that realization I had to do one of the most heartbreaking things I have done, which eventually ended a friendship. However that experience turned into a very big learning experience about what I think I want, and what I can actually handle. On a lighter note, a trip back to Calvin Crest lifted my spirits in spite of encountering some people I would have rather not.

I really don't remember a lot from this month, other than the fact I was still recovering from the effects of the previous month. I was rolling along well in my second month of Madrigals, as well as chemistry. Overall this month was, well...not very eventful. I did however injure my knee towards the beginning of this month, which really put my life into a downfall for my sports and what not. Hyper extension is not fun....

Well, what do you get when you throw in my 16th birthday, mission week with the youth group in Fresno, and a day trip to Disneyland with the choir department? Jam-packed month. Turning 16 was quite amazing, I spent my birthday at a restaurant with my parents. Got some lovely gifts, and grew another year older. Mission week was completely and totally an amazing experience, and the disneyland trip was one to remember. Overall I was getting myself ready for summer, one of the best parts of this year.

I don't remember a lot from this month. Preparation was underway for Spring Concert with the choir, this being my first with the Madrigals, I was pretty excited for what it would bring. It was decided we would do a 50's theme with music from Hairspray, and the concert choir would bring the music from Disney. CST Testing was underway, and stressful as always. Like in March, I was excited about summer now that spring was here. I was filling out applications for CCA as well as AIM and other Calvin Crest things.

School ending. Watching my friends graduate. Becoming a Junior. A big month for me. Probably one of the most exciting times of the year, I received both my acceptance letters for CCA and AIM. My parents were planning their trip to Singapore, and I was planning my 6 week vacation to the mountains and beyond. I took Driver's Training, and received my permit. I was 6 months away from my license, but less than month away from starting my Calvin Crest adventure.

Ah, the first month of summer. My parents left for Singapore, as I left to Calvin Crest for a week of CCA-ing. I spent the next two weeks living with Casey and Nicole as well as learning how to do my own laundry in preparation for AIM. Calvin Crest never ceases to amaze me, and CCA did satisfy as well. I was loving life, I was feeling independant, and I was pretty darn happy.

Hands down, the best month of the year. Not just because of experiencing High School Camp, and AIM, but I met some of the most amazing people I have ever known. I reconnected with friends at camp, like Rachel, Sara, Emma, Cami, Steph, and made new ones like the entire Napa gang, more Vegas kids, and of course everyone from the Fresno area. During AIM I ran into one of my old friends I haven't seen for two years, and getting to catch up with him was one of the greatest blessings this year. My AIM team quickly became my AIM family, and I miss them incredibly much.

Ah, the month of post-camp depression. I went through double trouble of that, thanks to the amount of time I spent up there. I did however, make my way back up to the Staff Concert where I connected with friends on staff, and saw some of my fellow AIMers for the first time since AIM. However this month also brought the start of my junior year. Que the stress. Things did eventually fall into place, and I started getting back into the wings of school life again.

Not a very busy month. Probably the most important thing was tennis season starting up, and meeting Annie Jarworski, our German exchange student who was, thank goodness, really good at tennis. Taking our number 1 seed, she dominated in the CSL leauge, and I was right behind her at number 3, with my doubles partner Maribel coming in at number 2. Tennis soon took over, with Athletic Training a close second.

Hooray Halloween! Me and my fellow Athletic Trainers dressed up as Athletic Trainers for school, and went on to celebrate our football game. Our halloween party consisted of hanging out after the game in the training room, making smores, turning our whirlpool into a hot tub, and playing scatergories. Great month, tennis was rolling along with basketball starting up soon.

This month was actually, super busy. First off, planning is underway for our school's winter formal. I'm on the formal committe, so I'm placed up in charge with two other of my friends. Tennis season came to an end with a devastating loss in the Central Section Individual Champtionship in Clovis. We were knocked out first round by a Handford West Team. Basketball season picks up right after that, and practice becomes intense as every day goes on. Thanksgiving comes and goes, and I fail my first attempt at getting my driver's license.

The year has come to an end. This month was probably the busiest of the year. We packed 3 different basketball tournmants into this month, Visalia Invitational, Hoover Holiday Classic, and the CVC Christmas Classic. We managed to take home the consolation trophy in the Visalia tourney, did not place at Hoover, but got 6th place at CVC after losing to Lemoore by 3 points. Winter Formal was a huge success, and I enjoyed the night with friends, dancing, and seeing our finished work come to life. Finals quickly approach, I nearly fail my last trig test, and the semester ends. The holiday come, fly by, and before you know it, it's new year's eve.

As I ring in the new year tonight, I have hope for what 2009 will bring. A year from now, I will probably be doing this same thing about my experiences in 09. I have a good feeling about this upcoming year, and as the ball drops in Times Square, as the bottles of sparkling cider are opened and distributed, and as everyone smiles through the end of this year, I will be right there alongside my friends. Tonight closes the chapter on 08, but the pen is picked up for 09. And the story shall start again.

"Through the years we all will be together, if the fates allow..."

Respectfully submitted,