Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines Day weekend everyone.

I was dreading this weekend earlier this year, not expecting a valentine to suddenly sweep me off my feet and take me away. I don't have a "prince charming" to spend it with, to make that gushy lovey feeling erupt in my heart and overflow. With Valentine's day coming up, I was realizing it was more of a "Single's Awareness Day" for myself, again.

I wasn't expecting much.
Overall, I kind of just wanted to hide away for this entire weekend.
But things didn't happen that way.

Our last push of fund raising for choir tossed me into spending my Friday and Saturday delivering "singing telegrams" to various people around Dinuba and Reedley. Dressed in my black and white nice ensemble, I and a dozen other kids from Madrigals carried roses and sang songs like "Heart and Soul," "Happy Together," and "In the Still of the Night" to more people than I could count.

But worth it.

I spent the entire 0 period and first period singing to plenty of teachers, students, and sweethearts around the school and town. Their faces lit up, they eyes teared, and I could tell that they appreciated this a lot. It started that bubbly gushy feeling in my heart, and there was no handsome boy on a white stallion riding it to give it to me. It was heartwarming.

The entire day Saturday I spent again singing, and spending time and laughing with my close friends in the choir. I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend what I thought was going to be the most depressing day of the year. Everyone loved the music (even if we were off pitch most of the time...) and it turned out to be the best Valentine's Day ever.

SO out of control after all our singing at Skogsberg's house.
Watching Mr. Deeds and stuffing ourselves silly with chicken tortilla soup
Awkward conversations, and learning the "guy code of conduct."

Bottom line: I love my friends, and they love me.

I think it'll sustain me till I spot a white stallion appear in Dinuba :)

"This is the spiciest orange chicken I've ever had."
"You're the spiciest orange chicken I've ever had..."

Respectfully submitted,