I love getting butterflies

Friday, February 20, 2009

In my stomach, not like, grabbing them out of the sky or anything.

The feelings makes me smile.
A lot :)

And it's been a while since I've gotten them, but butterflies in my stomach are enjoyment in my mind.

It's been a while since I've blogged, or really blogged about what I've been wanting to. But I'm not going to start spilling my heart out on the internet, so I'm just going to write out what comes to mind.

I recently found a very big liking in acoustic covers, and slower more deeper songs. I put together a playlist of my favorite acoustic songs, slow songs, and deep songs for when I'm feeling like wearing my emotions on my sleeves.

It is as follows,

1. "Pierced" - Audio Adrenaline
2. "Over Thinking (Acoustic)" - Relient K
3. "Only Hope" - Switchfoot
4. "Please Be Mine" - Jonas Brothers
5. "Up and Up (Acoustic)" - Relient K
6. "Twenty-Four" - Switchfoot
7. "Heartbeats" - Jose Gonzalez
8. "Hope for Every Fallen Man (Acoustic)" - Relient K
9. "Found a Way" - Drake Bell
10. "You" - Switchfoot
11. "Hello Beautiful" - Jonas Brothers
12. "Learning to Breathe" - Switchfoot
13. "36 Days" - Hawk Nelson
14. "Getting into You" - Relient K
15. "Rainbow Connection" - The Chorallaries of MIT


I have a busy weekend ahead of me, and things are starting to turn right round me. I don't know exactly how to deal with it, whose advice to take, but God's leading me somewhere.

And I'm going to follow.

"What's so amazing, that keeps us stargazing..."

Respectfully submitted,