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Friday, February 06, 2009

Things are changing, and I think I have accepted them.
Part of acceptance is sort of "rolling with the punches" and so far I've been great.

After an intense weekend a week ago, I was moved to get back on track with my relationship with God, and make it a habit to live for Him, and the life He wants me to live.

In the words of Paul,
"I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me." (Galations 2:20)

What a way to start off my day. I've decided that in the mornings, since I'm the first one to wake up in my house, instead of flipping on the TV and watching the news, I'm going to spend some quiet time in the Word, and listen to what God has to say before I'm off on my busy day. Today, it was to keep my eyes open for opportunities he has given me.

Here is a conversation I had with my heavenly father this morning, which was possibly the perfect way to start walking with him again.

Words that are bolded are what I felt God was laying on my heart, "his words" therefore the following is more like a conversation than a traditional prayer.

Dear God,

It's me again. I feel, more joyful since the last time we talked :) Things have changed in my life, the way I live, my perspective, almost everything. I am glad to hear Leah. You are maturing in faith with each step you take.Very true Lord. I love being able to talk the way we used to. Like our conversations over the summer, especially at AIM. I can tell you are very excited about this upcoming summer. But do not lose focus of the "now." Just because you are not at CC, does not mean there are not opportunities to serve me everyday. Yes Lord. Help me to be your eyes today, and give me strength and courage to be your hands and feet at my school. I put my trust in you.

Love, Me

Imagine, talking to the creator of the heavens and earth as if I'm gushing to one of my best friends. I LOVE conversations like this with God. It makes our relationship feel as if we connect on such a personal level, I sometimes find myself talking about just what happened in my day, what I liked, what I didn't, and every time He shows me something I did not notice.

It's perfect.
Pure, simple, and amazing.
There will be more to come, as He reveals his will to me, I will hold His hand and walk alongside Him on the path we walk together.


"¡youtube hoy!"

Respectfully submitted,