"I remember when I was that freshmen."

Monday, March 09, 2009

It's almost been a month since I've blogged, and I have a lot of overdue stuff to get off my chest, and back, and knees, and phalanges and so on.

I love watching the freshmen at the high school. I can't get over how incredibly little they are. It makes me wonder if I was really that small compared to the upperclassmen when I was a teeny-weeny freshman. It's a little flashback for me, and I find myself comparing myself with the small, quiet freshmen who are becoming friends with me.

I tell myself, "I remember when I was that freshmen. You know, the kind of quiet one who didn't speak up until you spoke first. The one who somehow found friends in the Junior and Senior classes. The one who was proud of being an alto II in Woman's and Mixed Choir. The one that didn't go to formal, and didn't really care. That same one who was just embarking on this crazy little thing called high school, and obviously wasn't aware of what she was getting herself into. You know, that one."

I love it.
There are select few that I have gotten to know better over this year, and what can I say? They remind me of...well, me.

And fast forward 3 years, and look how far I've come. I look through my old yearbooks and can barely remember who I was. I've changed so much, it's incredible. I can not believe high school is going to come to an end in one more year. It has been the biggest learning experience for me so far in life.

I've made friends, lost friends, fought with friends, and cried with friends. I've made probably a thousand mistakes, which lead me to probably a thousand life lessons. I sang, I danced, I acted like an idiot at lunch more than once, I got awesome grades, failed some tests, procrastinated on just about everything, and found myself. The journey is becoming who I'm meant to be was spurred by this whole experience called "high school."

Senior year will be the last time I am a student at Dinuba High School. Maybe I'm ready to get out of here, and get a breath of fresh air (that won't be polluted). I look at the friends who have stayed by my side through the years, and we've grown so much, it makes me happy we still have our friendship.

I know one day those freshmen this year, will end up being juniors and looking back on how quickly high school has passed them by. Actually, there will always be freshmen at the high school. There will always be the "newbies" and the quiet and outgoing types. There will always be a new generation. There's so much advice one could give them, but I'll end it with this.

Take the good with the bad, the better with the worse, throw it all together and whatever comes out, deal with it. Don't stress over the little things, because you'll be too busy stressing over the bigger things. Procrastination will come naturally, so don't ignore it. Friends will be friends, and sometimes friends fall away. Live with it, it's all apart of the experience. The seniors don't hate you, they know what you're going through, heck...they've been there before. Meet as many people as you can, and don't ever lose an opportunity to help someone. Don't fret over the formals and proms, you'll have your chance someday. Eat lunch on campus if you don't have a car, don't worry, upperclassmen still do it too. Sleep at least once in all of your classes, and make sure to take PE 9 your freshmen year (You will regret it if you put it off). Go to the rallies, scream, yell, and have fun. Be involved with your class, help plan the dances and fundraisers. Above all else, be apart of the high school, because it will become a part of you.

"One can not consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar."

Respectfully submitted,