If you fail, try, try, and freakin try again.

Friday, March 20, 2009

It's way too late for me to be blogging.
It may be a Friday, but I just got back from a choir trip to Azusa, and I'm super tired and need sleep, but I'm just thinking too hard to do anything other than write.

A wise person once said, if you fail, try, try again.
I've applied that many times to my life, and indeed when success comes my way, it is pure joy. It is everything I know I've worked for.

I just wish others would feel the same way. Try, try, try, again. Didn't go the way you planned? Try again and make it work. She's still bugging you? Try again to forget about it. Pass the class. Make the goal. Sing the note. Beat your time. Everytime you fail, try again.

How many tries, is too many?
How many tries before you convince yourself you can't do it?
The moment where you realize it's been way too long that you've been attempting this accomplishment, and you simply can not do it.

Never. I hope you never give up, you strive to finish what you wish to earn. I hope you take my advice, I dearly hope I shove it down your throat and it finally tattoos your mind. I hope you finally take a reality check and realize this is possible for you. This is what needs to happen. This is exactly the upside you've been wishing for.

But then again, I'm not you.
And only you, can convince yourself to truly do something.

All I can do is persuade, post my side of the story, the "why it's really better" factor and the ever-present "I wish I could help somehow" flag. But I can't. Really, beyond words, and maybe a few actions, you alone are your sole motivator is accomplishing what you want to happen.

Of course, I can pull strings and pretend to be the puppeteer over your life, controlling what you should say, only if you agree to it. And I never want you to agree. It's your life, so live it the way you want.

Your life will have it's up and downs. It's awesome and suckish days. That's life. It's supposed to be a learning experience. Learn from your mistakes, because when you try and try again to get over them, eventually it will happen.

I promise.
One day, it will happen.

"Be cautious of who you confide in."

Respectfully submitted,