"I'm a Celebrity: Get me out of here!"

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Is there really a point to this reality TV show?
Like I know each contestant is representing a charity, but I've heard nothing about what charities they are representing, or why they chose them.

Of course, Heidi and Spencer chose the two wealthiest charities so if they quit early it wouldn't really make a difference.

I swear in every confessional they are spraying Heidi's hair with dry shampoo. An aerosol bottle. Killing the environment every time. Self-centered much?

I am however, very impressed that Heidi is managing to sustain herself in the first food trial. She managed to somewhat eat the 3 scorpions, before puking them behind the counter.

Anyway, let's take a look at the current Canada Countdown.

Countdown to CANADA: 38 hours till departure

Holy crap.
I need to start packing.

I can't wait for this trip. It's like, the summer kick off, because right after I return I have two weeks until I leave for CALVIN CREST. Of course, I'm so looking forward to it :) It is, of course, my favorite part of the summer.

Last night was Taylor's graduation party. It was so much fun, super hilarious, slightly inappropriate, and of course, plenty awkward. I love Taylor so much, and hanging out with the Matts along with Carlos and the rest of hang turned out to be one of my favorite nights of the summer so far.

But there will be so much more to come :)
And summer always brings out the best in myself, and my friends.
We'll just have to see where the road takes us.

"Where did all tuna go?"
" -meow- "

Respectfully submitted,