I'm sick of traveling.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sorry, but when I spend 6 days practically living on a bus and airplanes, then come home for one night and drive again to San Francisco for one night, I'm not that happy with movement anymore.

But it was all TOTALLY worth it.

The Canada trip was amazing. Once I'm back home, and not sitting in a Holiday Inn, I'll do a picture post and show you all the awesome sights, sounds, and hilarious moments from the 6 days I spent with the madrigals.

By far, one of the best ways to start off my summer.

However I do wish I was up at Calvin Crest right now with the twins, helping CCA family camp. Because of my late arrival Sunday night and my trip up here to drop off my mom at the airport, I was unable to do my annual CCA with them. Sad day, I know right...but only 13 more days until AIM!

I'm currently texting Casey, who is looking after the child that I took care of last year, Zoey. I'm thinking she is still just as cute, and her little brother Zach has started walking and talking, and I can't believe I'm missing it. Hopefully, I'll make a small trip up Saturday with their parents to pick them up, and maybe see the little kids and say hello. Casey did say that Zoey remembers me, which melted my heart because she is the cutest little sweetheart I know.

I can't wait until I go to camp, and smell the fresh mountain air, and feel happy with where I am. Not saying that I'm not happy now, but there's just something about Calvin Crest that takes me breath away and makes me feel, well...at home. And that's the whole reason summer is practically my favorite part of the year.

On the other hand my music is taking a huge leap, and I find myself writing more sophisticated songs. I think I'm starting to mature a little into my image of a musician, which hopefully takes me far places. It is my dream to become a professional muscian, to share my lessons, experiences, and life stories to the world through song. It is a long shot, but I have a feeling somewhere along my road of life I'll be able to say, "Yes. I'm finally doing what I love, and you know what? I love it!"


As for now, I'm going to settle into my little hotel room and relax, probably watch TV and getting this dizzy feeling out of my head.

Good night San Francisco.

"You better not pee on me tonight."
"I've never peed in my life!"

Respectfully submitted,