100% Apple-Peach-Passion Fruit Juice Blend

Friday, August 14, 2009

It's a Friday night, and as I sip this certainly awkward yet tasty juice, I have a lot on my mind.

I am frustrated, angry, excited, nervous, stressed out and restless all blended into one.
Ok, seriously? Does God like, want me to PMS now or something?

I kid, I kid.

So much has happened in this past week, and I really don't know how to handle/intake it all. Sometimes I just melt into my own world, which pretty much means I take my guitar, my lyrics journal and sit, play, and scream words into my notebook. These words capture my emotions perfectly, even if the song sounds like crap. Either way no one sees them, which is a perfect way to release some of these inner emotions without getting in trouble.

So, within 2 weeks of coming down the mountain, life has taken a 180 from simplicity, quiet, mediating mornings and fun evenings to busy days, hectic schedules, frustrations and irritations. Well, no one ever said being a teenager would be easy. Ain't that the truth.

Senior year is going to bring out the best in me, the worst in me, stress me out like never before, test my limits and reveal what I truly want in life. It's going to be a huge learning experience, one that's going to shape me and mold me into the kind of person I'll strive to be in the future.

It's a little nerve-wracking.
I was doing college research earlier today, and it finally hit me that in a year, I'll be preparing to move out of this cruddy town and head out to a college. Everything will be figured out. Everything will be finished, yet still beginning.

Bring it on world.
I'm ready :)

"I was thinking about what this conversation would have been like in real life. I imagined us talking in British accents."
"Oh my gosh, me too!"

Respectfully submitted,