Disco Inferno: The Musical

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Auditions are officially over.

I decided on a wing to try out for the fall production this year, and you what? I enjoyed it. I was really nervous yesterday, but after the basic singing/reading...it wasn't horrible.

The music for this show is so good.
Like really, it's all 70's Disco music, and I can't get enough of it.

The show is going to be so rad, and I'm really excited I'm going to take part in it this year. I've always wanted to try out something in musical theater, so I guess this is my first shot at it.

The storyline is sick.

Basically, our lead role, Jack, is wanting to become a superstar, but is down on his luck. His job at the night club, the Disco Inferno isn't really all the glamour he's looking for. Seems hopeless until a strange woman who goes by Lady Marmalade walks in and offers him a deal he can't refuse. Miss Marmalade, who works for the devil (Yes, the horned one...) offers him one wish in return for his soul. By selling his soul to the devil, Jack becomes a famous superstar almost overnight, gaining everything he's wanted but at the same time, losing everything he's loved. His girlfriend, his friends, and his life in generally.

There's a great twist at the end, and I loveee it so far.

I'm hoping to either land a role as Kathy, the girlfriend of Heathcliff - Disco Inferno's current act. She's a down-on-her-luck girl who's been abused and is simply wishing for something better in life. She ends up falling for Jack, who rejects her after realizing he still wants his current girlfriend, Jane. Kathy sings the song, "Streetlife," as well as a couple duets with Jane and a couple of the male leads. She's a battered woman, with a rough road ahead and behind her. It would be a tough character to embody, but her song is a strong alto belt which I think I would enjoy, plus actually be able to sing.

Other than Kathy, I would love to play Lady Marmalade. Devilish, I know, but she has a great gutsy role that requires a lot of teasing, flirting, showbiz like attitude and so on. She's got a great solo, right after her entrance she sings "Hot Stuff" which is what I did for auditions. It's a little high, but I think I can manage. Her role is so amazing, she's really out there, loud, proud and just a touch of seductive. Clearly an interesting person, but I would love to take her on and see what I can do.

I suppose I'll have to wait till Monday to find out.
Even with my hopes, there's still a possiblity I end up an extra.

If that happens, I'm going to be thankful, excited, and give my all to this production. I'll come back in the spring and try and land a lead in Zoot Suit, our spring production.

I'm nervous about results, but I'm confident Mrs. Hlyton will choose those who will do best in the parts she assigns them.

Guess I'll just have to wait and see :)

"And there was dancin' and singin' and movin' to the groovin' and just when, it hit me, somebody turned around and shouted - Play that funky music white boy..."

Respectfuly submitted,