"Don't stop, believing...hold onto that feeling!"

Monday, August 31, 2009

If I could really describe the mood I'm in, I wouldn't use words.

I'd grab a guitar, sing my heart out and laugh. I'd have a glass of apple juice beside me, I'd be barefoot and sitting in the grass. My best friends are around me, we're laughing, we're happy, and we're just enjoying life.

Sound hippie-ish enough for you?
I'm in a really good mood.

Actually, this morning I woke up super nervous, because the cast list for Disco Inferno was supposed to be up today, but they announced that it would be up tomorrow. My stomach has been butterflies non-stop. The last time I felt this nervous was sophomore year when Madrigals auditions for the '08 spring term.

Well, whatever happens...happens.
I just have to take what I get, and make the most out of it :)

It's going to be a good day.

As of the moment, I'm listening to "On my Own" from Le Mis, and it's making me feel really inspired, and slightly depressed.

Ah, it's all good.

I have tennis workouts later today, and no homework.
Another reason why today is good.

I wish all days were like this.

"You're very talented."
"Yea! I would know, I'm very talented too."

Respectfully submitted,