Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's hard to believe summer is already over.
I just sat back and reflected on that.
Wow, summer is actually over.

School begins tomorrow. Therefore, stress, hilarious memories, homework, early madrigal mornings, and tennis workouts begin as well. No more tired mornings, sleeping in until 11:30, eating lunch while watching tv and so on.

This year is going to be interesting. This summer has shaped me and molded me a lot, into a person I generally like better. I hope that I don't slip back into the "old me" that I was, and continue to strive toward the person God wants me to become.

I've moved into an identity as a musician, a songwriter, and vocalist. As of right now, I'm $131 closer to my new guitar and accessories. With my job as an AVID tutor this fall, I'll be making a good amount of cash each week, splitting that between a savings bond and my guitar fund, I should be able to make my purchase by about October. I'm really excited to get my hands on that new guitar, along with a new hard shell case, strings, and other various items.

Life somewhat, starts tomorrow.
I have mixed emotions about it, but I'm really excited.

We'll just have to see where the road takes me.

"Ok, I'll let you know when I leave so it's not unexpected."

Respectfully submitted,