Monday, August 17, 2009

has officially begun.

Today has been, very good. Possibly one of the best ways to kick off what will probably be the best year of high school I've gone through.

It began with a 5:30 wake up call, in order to be at school by 6. I dragged my tired body out of bed and slipped into my favorite pair of jeans and my ASB baseball tee. After managed to scarf down a little raisin bread and my favorite juice blend EVER, I took off to the school in the beast, bumping 101.1 the whole way over.

Upon arrival, we set up the entire rally - banquet table, posters, sound system etc. I saw all my old friends again, and it almost felt like a reunion of sorts.

The rally begins.

Our song starts, Richie runs out with our senior flag, ripping our poster in half and our class runs into the stadium. You know how long I've been waiting for that? 4 years. I've seen 3 others classes run in, always wanting to be them, and I finally got to do that today. It was the best feeling ever. I remember looking around and seeing my officers smiling and running alongside me, Alex screaming "2010!!!" into the microphone, and our entire class screaming our heads. It was purely, incredible.

The rally moves on, and school begins. Classes start, syllabuses are passed out, rules are explained, so on and so forth. I met my new teachers, Professor Watts and Mr. Carlson, both humorous teachers who seem like they'll be lots of fun. I pick up my textbooks, meet up with friends, talk about summer, and our futures.

I didn't have to go to 4th period today, so I came home and crashed on the couch before tennis practice. I remember falling asleep and thinking today was absolutely insane. Our class was the loudest, best, and most incredible group of people in the stadium. Senior year, is finally here.

It's going to be over before I know it, so I guess it's up to me to make the most out of it.
And hell yes, I'm going to.

"Leah. Jescika. Saxophone. Jescika. Leah."
-10 minutes later-
"Leah. Jescika. Jennifer. Jescika. Leah."

Respectfully submitted,

PS: For the record, this is my 100th blog post. EPIC WIN!