Spiritually Refreshed.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Those five weeks flew by way too quickly.

But at the same time, I feel happy and content with being back home. There's something about being able to come home, take a deep breath and begin again.

I can't even think about the past month without smiling, laughing, and watching the memories roll through my mind. I've met amazing people, had mind-blowing conversations, and walked with God through it all. I am spiritually refreshed.

Upon arriving at the mountain and thinking, "Wow, this is going to be my home for the next 5 weeks," I always thought that it would slip by quickly. I didn't think it would be gone this fast.

This summer was a real learning experience for me. I have had to face challenges, frustrations, anger and stress, but at the same time I've learned that I'm not alone. Why be angry when I can be thankful? Why be stressed when my soul can find rest in the Lord? Why be negative?

As I settle into sorting through my mind and recalling all the great times shared by many at AIM this summer, I find myself laughing way too much. Laughter is such a great gift. I feel content with life, and joyful when I'm laughing. Laughter is just about the best thing to turn a negative attitude around. So when I'm down in the next couple months, I'll look back on some of these memories and laugh my way back to a content soul.

Making our way up Fresno Dome, taking awkward pictures and frantically trying to fix our hair while the wind did otherwise.

When v-neck shirts aren't intimidating enough to scare Events into losing a game of Ultimate Frisbee, matching black uniforms and war paint seem to do the trick.

Hanging out with the first-timer's camp, and learning that John Sloas makes the perfect campfire, and smores are always the best things to warm up a chilly sherwood night.

Nothing says "All I want for Christmas is you!" then gingerbread cookie mustaches at our impromptu Christmas party.

"The Amused Explorer" and "Negative Nancy" from Outpost possibly have one of the best pictures of the summer. Of course, the hilarious sarcasm and falsetto voices just add to the greatness of it.

Wresting in the AIM lounge one night after we were sent to bed created hilarious pictures and a mess of tortilla chips that had to be cleaned up before morning.

Does this even needs words?

Basically Natalie Neff is my favorite person ever, and the fact that she is the reason we had a code green at our AIM prayer partner dinner only makes her more cool.


The Carlsbad crew is my favorite. Between songs about Emma's bloody nose to awkward dreams and great insight, they are the reason I will visit San Diego later this year.

Geoff White will never cease to amaze me.

Dance parties at Calvin Crest are and will forever be my favorite thing in the world. The fact that I can dance awkwardly and instead of everyone looking at me weird, they join in makes me smile and laugh like none other.

"I'd guess, you'd say, what can make me feel this way? JON HOPE, JON HOPE, JON HOPEEE!"

Basically, these two are a dream team when you put them together between serious conversations about poop and other awkward conversations.

"You know, I'm a-baking with the flour and the sugar and stuff. It's a gonna come out all fluffy with da white chocolate and cranberries..."

So, as you can see I have plenty of memories and there are even an abundance more from counseling jr. high camp last week. I loved this summer, and I am perfectly happy with how everything came together and happened. It's time for me to dip back into the "real world" and get ready to start senior year, and well...practically grow up in a sense.

To all my AIMers, Staff, and everyone else who made this summer possible thank you. You have made this summer the best yet, and I'm so happy I got the chance to meet with you, talk with you and simply serve you in love. You are the most amazing people I have ever met.

I am praying for you, that not only that God will continue to lead you, but you will be open and ready to follow him. He will show you great and amazing things.

I'm ready.
God's ready
And I'm excited to see where he'll lead me, and where we'll go together.

Bring it on world.
I'm ready.

"He must become greater, I must become less."

Respectfully submitted,