Saturday, January 30, 2010

I once wrote a silly little box on my myspace listing numerous, somewhat hilarious life goals I had for myself. I considered it a "bucket list" of sorts, but as I was reading through them the other day, I stumbled up one that still is strong in my mind.

I had set out the goal of performing an original song of mine in front of 1,000,000 people. Possible? Sure. Reasonable? Not so much.

But the more I think about it, the more I wish it would happen.

Not for the fame. Not for the money, the press, the celebrity friends, no.
Not for that.

I strongly believe everyone has a story to tell. A story that's being written each day we live. Some people choose to share it, others don't.

I just happen to share mine through music.
I am an avid songwriter, a musician, a vocalist, and a storyteller.

I was flipping through my lyrics journal the other day, and looking over songs I have written detailing experiences I've had throughout life. It brought up tear-jerking moments in the past year, people I haven't spoken to in months, bittersweet memories, and a lot of smiles. To name just a few...

"You are My Everything," which details an utterly perfect relationship with a person so incredibly matched for you. It forced me to remember true love can happen if you allow it.

"Intertwined," a song about a broken relationship between a parent and child taught me to always cherish what you have. It may be a matter of minutes before it's too late to fix.

"Any Longer," written about letting go. This song taught me releasing that one person you've been holding onto and moving onto the opportunities in your future sometimes is the best answer.

"Falling For You," is a complete musical interpretation of falling in love with someone. Through a strong melodious chorus, it taught me that someone will always be there to catch me.

"Live," a song completely composed in 18 minutes, taught me it's okay to be disappointed about missing an opportunity, but it's crucial to look towards the positive and keep living.

And finally, my latest addition to my original compositions, a lighthearted song entitled "Hey Baby" took the story of two lovers on the road of life together, and wove their story in between the reassurance of always being there for each other.

Each tells a story, and together, they reflect me.
Each also has a lesson to it. Something I have learned, need to learn, or want to learn.

Why shouldn't others see that too?

I hope one day I will able to share my stories.
One day I hope I get the opportunity to sing, play my guitar, and record my music.
One day I hope it reaches the ears of someone who needs to hear it.
One day I hope my audience understands the meaning behind my words, the inspiration for my music, and why I use my music as my voice for my stories.

But it hasn't happened yet.

So I continue to write.
I'll continue to write music until the day I die. After all, that's when my stories will end right? As long as there is a story to be told, I'll be here with my guitar and lyrics journal. I'll sit on my bed, at my computer, upon a bench or chair, sing my heart out and write what comes to mind.

And most importantly, I'll continue sharing my music with friends, family, and you.
I hope it helps you, reassures you, comforts you, and inspires you in anyway possible.

And perhaps if I break into the music industry one day, I hope to stay true to the same person I am today. I'll still be writing music to tell a story, paint a picture, and teach a lesson. I suppose the only thing different is I'll have a much bigger audience.

But for now I will settle with what I have at the moment, making the best of it.

So the next time you see me with my guitar, ask me to play you a song.
I'll be more than happy to.

"Shoot for the stars. Never settle for less than you have to."

Respectfully submitted,