Excuse me..

Monday, May 24, 2010

while I slap myself in the face for not updating my blog in so long.

Ok, wow. I have a lot to talk about, so lets get started.

Spring Choral Show

Talk about one amazing night.

It was an outstanding performance of music, dancing, and so much fun. I wish I could say too much work went into this event, but all in all...it created one memorable evening. From the inside jokes backstage, to the many people I got to know better, learning how to "dance," and all of the hours and late night rehearsals, Spring Show 2010 has been the best spring concert our department has put together to date.

Singing "On My Own" as Eponine from Les Mis was a unique experience. Taking on a character isn't difficult, but capturing her emotions was. From the feedback from the audience, I managed pretty well :)

Took home the award for "Outstanding Music and Leadership" in Concert Choir. What an honor. That night, I realized how much I am going to miss choir in the future. But I know music will never leave my life :)

Grad Nite 2010

This was the real, "beginning of the end." Grad Nite was amazing! There were so many high school seniors in Disneyland, from all over. You could waiting in line, and someone would shout "2010!!!" and everyone would erupt. It was truly a unique experience.

Yes, we were tired. Yes, I am still exhausted and of course I slept the entire ride home, but it was a memory I won't forget any time soon. Disneyland went all out for Grad Nite, from decorations to music - everything was top notch. I loved the night, and the memories made.

Scholarship Tea/Baccalaureate
What can I say? Wearing my cap and gown for the first time was really, unusual. I've been to a dozen baccalaureates and I never gave thought to when I would actually participate in one.

At the scholarship tea I was award over $2,000 in scholarships to help pay for my education at Westmont this fall. What a huge blessing. I am truly grateful all of my hard work in high school has paid off and I can wait to write back and tell these generous people everything I am doing.

Seeing my senior class decked out in traditional graduation attire was also weird. I couldn't help but catch myself thinking that the next time we wear these, it'll be the real deal. I also was told I will be giving the inspirational message at graduation with another senior in the top 5, so I'm pretty excited to cross #3 off my "Top 10 for 2010" goal list.

So life is moving very fast, graduation is 3 days away I am away and off to Boston, then Calvin Crest for the summer! I will do my very best to keep this blog updated.


Respectfully submitted,