Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Can I just sum up what happened last night in the dining hall?

Insanity workout video. Carpet squares everywhere. Guitarish things happening. LOLcats. Youtube videos and hilarious web pages. Palm readings. Making decisions. Fresh shower hair. Hot tea, hot chocolate, hot coffee. Conversations with good friends :)

I think the last was my favorite.

Conversations up here last forever, talking about anything and everything. Favorite movies, ironic moments, memories with the other, and lots of stories, lots of laughter. I wish I could just videotape some of the conversations I have with people up here because I would totally watch them and listen to them again.

It's only week 3, and I've made new friends, strengthened friendships and reignited some I've missed. It's all good :)

Today, I have lunch and dinner to run for staff, then we're having a massive movie night in the dining hall with staff and watching "Fight Club" which I have not seen all the way through yet. Finishing it makes me happy, along with other things :)

Ah, life is good.

"Happy birthday to the GROUND!!!"

Respectfully submitted,