Mountain Living

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

This is a beautiful place.

Calvin Crest summer staff Orientation Week has officially started. So far, so amazing. Love the staff, love my team, love the laughs, conversations, and experiences. Love what God is doing.

It's only 4 days into our first week together and campers are not even up at camp yet, and already I feel as if this is going to be the most amazing summer of my life. God is working in so many ways, and I am more than excited for what the next 10 weeks hold.

The atmosphere up here is incredible. Everyone is upbeat, excited and ready to love on every camper that comes up the mountain. Our kitch crew (of all girls) have already bonded and started friendships, some over random and hilarious moments - like filling mustard bottles.

I'll update as much as I can over this summer, with stories and experiences I go through throughout the next two months. God is moving, and I am following.

"We went from discussing cleaning lettuce to discussing pole dancing."

Respectfully submitted,