Right on.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My mind works in a really weird way.

I feel like I think about stuff in an unusual way, not the same method most other people take.

I read conversations, play them back in my mind and think about them more after they happen. Discuss interactions and times spent together. Simplify them? No thanks, I'll think about them more and then read what faces and observations I've made.

I haven't decided if this is a positive thing or if I should try and "fix" this.
I'm just going with the flow.

Normally, I can pretty easily read other people and what their goals are in a situation. People make things more obvious then they realize. Even if you are trying to hide something, most of the time you drop a word or action that blows your entire cover. Of course, I've done it before. Who hasn't?

But lately, I've run into people that are like a brick wall to me. I can't get inside their head and figure out what they want. What they are striving for. It's frustrating. Is this what other people feel like? It's almost unfair, even though I know this is probably the best for this situation. I just wish once, I could figure them out.

I really, really, need to write some music.

There are too many thoughts running through my head, like a multi-lane freeway that's packed at rush hour. There's too much noise, too much frustration and confusion and I need to find an off-ramp and get off. What happened to the days of simplicity and pure joy? I want those back.

God has been good, and He will continue giving me the desires of my heart. He will lead me where I need to be, and take me out of situations that are not of Him. I pray for discernment, wisdom, and peace. There are just sometimes I wish I could understand things a little more.

Such is life, and I'm going to continue living and loving it. It's too short to worry about stuff like this. I'm ready to get out.

Take me away?

"Just our hands clasped so tight, looking for the hint of a spark."

Respectfully submitted,