Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I need to write music.

But I also need some inspiration.
Where do I find it?

Usually it just comes to me naturally, but I don't feel as if there's anything I really want to express at the moment. There's gotta be something.

It's going to eat away at me until I can find something, discover an emotion, relive a situation. I have a bit of a tagline in my head, but I'm not sure if I can mold it into a new creation I can be truly satisfied with.

And this week has been super busy regardless, but this is important. Music is my journal. Expression. My private diary. The songs can come out raw, natural, angry, beautiful, or all of the above. I love everything about my music. The melody, the stories, and the memories they bring back. Songwriting = love.

As I look out to my left, there's a million trees lining a pure blue sky, and a warm bright sun shining down on me through the branches. The ranch house is peeking out of the AIM trail area, and I'm sitting on a picnic table on the back deck. It's warm, and chilling since there is a slight breeze.

This place is beautiful.
Creation reflects the Creator, therefore my Creator is just as beautiful, if not more, as this place.

I have work in about an hour, and I need to head up to my cabin to get changed and ready. The kitchen has amazing, FYI, even with this huge/stressful/crazy/frustrating week. I love the girls, and I'm making the most out of the rest of our summer together :)


Respectfully submitted,