Reality Check

Friday, July 02, 2010

Thanks life, really needed that one.

Actually, for once, that wasn't sarcasm.

I'm still getting back up from being knocked down again. It's all good, I'm not too deeply cut. Scraped maybe. Bruised a little. I'll be sore for a couple days but it'll wear off like the soreness from the first week of basketball training.

I never know what I'm getting myself into, until it slaps me in the face and yells at me "What were you thinking?!??" as it did yesterday.

I'm pretty sure this is all for the best. This morning was rough, but after a talk with my "personal assistant" I'm reminded there are better things ahead than any I leave behind. As my dad says, give thanks in all circumstances. Which I'm attempting to do right now, and even though it's tough, I'm getting through it.

My summer is just beginning. I have 5 more weeks of hilariousness, ridiculousness and lots of laughter to go. I can't let something take all that away. I plan on making the most out of the rest of my time up here at this amazing place, regardless of frustrating situations, people, and/or mistakes that I make.

I'm learning, life is happening, and I'm growing up.
It's all good.

"You were a song in my head, the warmth of the sheets in my bed..."

Respectfully submitted,