Monday, July 19, 2010

Hello Week 6, also known as 300+ camper week.

Let's take a moment to break this down.

50 Staff
60 Guest Group (Jews for Jesus!)
25 Outpost
40 Sherwood
202 Crestview (High School Camp FTW!)

= 377 campers

Now take that number and imagine how many plates we wash, how much food we prepare and the pure amount of time we are taking to serve this campers. SO GOOD.

I love when camp fills up like this. I am so excited for this crazy/insane/busy/amazing week.

Mainly, because I'm going to get to spend a ton of time in SHERWOODDDD, since I'm taking on the role of Maid Marian this week. Ryan and I are tag-teaming Robin Hood and his fair lady, while Greg is going to be Lil' Jon. Best tri-team ever? I think so. Still searching for a Bandit, minus the twins not agreeing which kind of stinks.

It's all good. So psyched for all the fun times we're going to have in the 'Woo with all the campers. I remember being a camper in Sherwood and basically wanting to be Maid Marian when I grew up, live in Sherwood forest and run around doing crazy things with Robin Hood protecting the forest. Now, I actually get to live it. Yes please :)

It's been good. God has been amazing to me, and I can't thank Him enough. Changed my attitude and suddenly everything became better. Stopped focusing on stupid little things that ruined my day, and focused on the Creator who is continuously blessing me every moment of my life. I can't wait where He will take me and show me in the last couple weeks on this mountain.

So I continue on this journey, awaiting for the instruction to where I may go next.

"It didn't really matter what we expected from life, but rather what life expected from us."

Respectfully submitted,