Visalia. After Hours.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Thus ends an evening of hanging out with my best friends from high school.

Lilly and Taylor, I've missed you both an incredible amount this summer.

We spent the night reliving memories of senior year, eating Jack-in-the-Box curly fries and laughing like there's no tomorrow. In a nutshell...

"I'm going to go celebrate with my boyfriend at his 20-50th birthday party!"
"Don't make me slap that taco outta yo hand!"
"Over-sized people are...nice."

I've got NeverShoutNever! on shuffle and a bit on my mind. It's 12:30 in the morning of my last Friday in Dinuba and I'm kind of thirsty. Today, I have a dentist appointment, dorm shopping with my Dad and Josh Islas' going away party in Reedley.

Um, back to that little bit on my mind...

I told a story tonight. It hurt a bit, stung a little and made me remember some stuff I tried to forget this summer. But then again, I'm not sure if I really want to forget it.

Life throws stuff at you. It doesn't pay attention to if you're watching, ready, or even able to handle it. It chucks something at you and then watches how you react. Do you let it smack you in the face and knock you down? Or do you get hit, maybe fall, but get back up?

I'm still not sure exactly how I handled the big load of crap life threw at me earlier this summer. For the most part, I got over it and kept going, but I still feel like I missed something in all of this.

I'll figure it out along the way. That seems to be the way I get most of stuff done in my life.

Let the adventure again. 6 days until Westmont.

"Just wanted to let you know that you rock (paper, scissors), and that I realized pretty early that if I was gonna be third-wheeling it up, I'd rather that happen with someone as cool as you."

Respectfully submitted,