Heat Wave

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's finally over. Thank goodness.

I can finally sit outside, and be comfortable weather wise. Yesterday was really, really ridiculous. I felt like I walked outside into an oven. I melted. Not literally, but almost.

Maybe I'm over-exaggerating, but I know it was really bad. Everyone knew it was terrible. No doubt about that. But it's over. Today was a sunny and comfortable 82 degrees with the week forecast looking to drop as the week moves on.

It's been such a good day. Productive. Cool (weather-wise, of course!). Easy. Wonderful.

I'm sitting here right outside of my section in our "courtyard" watching the clouds move in the sky. There's a slight breeze and a good grip of people hanging around on Clark Beach. I have my headphones plugged into my Regina Spektor pandora station (fyi: the weepies are playing right now. Pure awesomeness) and I'm feeling pretty good about life right now.

I've finished my first month of college.

We're into our 5th week here at Westmont and it's unbelievable. I can't comprehend that this is actually happening, I'm living where I go to school, I'm done with high school, I'm a college student. It still seems surreal when I think about it.

It has been hard, frustrating, rewarding and emotionally crazy. The transition is not over yet, but somehow I feel a bit more comfortable here. Maybe it's the growing relationships and friendships that are being built, or maybe it's just me accepting the fact that college is here, college is now, and I'm going to have to learn to live like this.

Good thing I like it :)

4 years from now, I'll be done with school. I'll be moving on to "real life" believe it or not, and this phase of my life will be over. But I'm not going to think that far ahead right now. I've got 4 years to have the time of my life here at Westmont, and I plan on making the most out of it.

But I really could do without all these Westmont flies. They're following me around everywhere.

Well, you win some, you lose some.
It's all part of life, right?


"And they were all yellow."

Respectfully submitted,