It's 'effin hot.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Well, it's actually only 88 degrees, but then again it's midnight. Which means it should be cool. Perhaps even cold. But its not. Damn.

Currently the majority of the girls in my section are rocking sports bras and shorts because it's way too warm to wear anything else. We are also incapable of sleeping through this heat. Ridiculous.

Anyway, today was an interesting day, at least, most of it.

I spent the majority of this morning doing homework and preparing for my speech tomorrow. Then took some time off to hang with myself down on state street. Did a bit of shopping, checked out a bookstore (where I bought my new favorite book: "His Princess Warrior - Love Letters of Strength from Your Lord") and bought my first blenders.

I spent a lot of my afternoon thinking. If you haven't noticed, it's a pretty dangerous thing. There's a lot on my mind, and I'm not sure about a lot of it. But then again, this whole college thing is blowing my mind, so I think it's okay to not be sure about a lot of things.

I've been meeting so many amazing people since I've been here. But it's really awkward not to have a real, close, friendship with any of them. Time builds that, and we've only had one month together. We're close, but not in the sense I'm used to. It took 15 years to build some friendships that I treasure the most, and a month hasn't done the friendships I'm building justice.

Time will do what it will. It's up to me to make the most of what I have so far, so if that means late-night conversations over nachos, sports bra parties with my suite mates and many many NCTOs, INDYs, and LSDs...then I'm okay with that. It's going to take me somewhere, and I know I'm going to love where I end up.

God is doing amazing things.

"Like there's no sunrise, like the taste of your smile, I miss the way we breathe."

Respectfully submitted,