Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm not really sure I can call myself a real college student yet, since I really haven't procrastinated on anything or had to resort to an all-nighter to study or finish work.

Responsibility? Sure, I'll take a double-dose of that.

Not the most out-of-the-world observation, since I wasn't that big of a procrastinator in high school. I'm getting work done, trying not to feel stressed and enjoying life as it passes by.

Sure, things get tough. Actually, yesterday was a pretty overall crappy day until I got down to homework and managed to get a huge chunk of my studying for World History done, and some reading started for Christian Doctrine.

But enough of this school talk. Let's get down to business.

How is your heart?

I remember asking myself this question numerous times this past summer, past year, all through high school. Check-ups were necessary with everything that was growing, building, happening, crashing down and rebuilding again. It was like a continuous cycle.

Now at college, it's been a long time since I've had a heart check. And I really shouldn't have waited. Things are happening, some have crashed down, some are exceedingly irritating, and some just plain make me smile. My heart is jumbled.

As hard as it is to focus with a jumbled heart, I'm not letting anything take away what my heart should be focused on. God is doing spectacular things in my life, and reminding me everyday that only He has the box of bandages that can truly heal my heart from hurt in the past, hurt now and hurt in the future. I just have to turn to him, pass my heart over, and He will overflow it with peace.

He's the only one knows me best to know how to bring me back.

"You make, all things, work together for Your good."

Respectfully submitted,