Sunday, October 24, 2010

Today, I drank my first mug of black coffee.
I feel like an adult. Or at least, a sophisticated one.

And you know what? I loved it :)

I've spent probably 90% of this weekend doing homework. 6 hours yesterday down at the Coast Village Starbucks, another 3 on state, so I've rewarded myself with a chocolate-banana blenders. Well-deserved, but it also caused me to miss the 2:30 shuttle, which is why I'm sitting in Borders at this very moment.

We have a 3 story Borders here...and I've just stumbled up on it. I can def. see myself coming back here to do homework in the soon future. I feel like I'm a lot more productive if I manage to get out of my room and into a new environment.

This upcoming week, even though midterms are finished (BLESSED) I still have a jam-packed Monday to get through. Let's break it down, 3 full classes, chapel, a speech to deliver, work till 5:30, Capax Dei and then finalizing a group presentation for doctrine.

Damn, tomorrow is gonna be tough.

The rest of today is going to be spend doing a bit of laundry, rehearsing my Informative Speech and reading 4 more chapters in one of my 7 Christian Doctrine books. My earlier hours at Starbucks knocked out the rest of my Newbigin chapters and my history reading for today. I feel like I'm being super productive but at the same time, I still feel like there is so much work I have left to finish.

Is this what a college workload always feels like? Eek.

Just like high school, I'm not the one to procrastinate. I don't really think it's really in my blood, in striking difference to the rest of my friends in college.


"You are my heaven on earth, you are my hunger, my thirst..."

Respectfully submitted,